Humiliation POV Goddess Sonia: The More I Edge You, The More I Deny You, The More Mindfucked You Become

Goddess Sonia

Take out that pathetic dick and start stroking it nice and slow. And while you stroke, you’re going to think about a few things. I know that will be hard for you, you have such a tiny brain. How would it be possible to think of anything other than your cock when you’re fucking yourself? But I want you to try.

I want you to know that I’m not here to pleasure you at all. I’m just here to tease. And the more I edge you, the more I deny you, the more mindfucked you become. Your brain is melting into a little puddle of mush. You can’t think straight at all. All you can think about is the pleasure coming out of your horny cock as you stare at my beauty and get lost in my words. The more you edge and stare the more you find yourself wanting to worship me.

You’re probably already desperate, wanting to beg me for an orgasm. Beg all you want, I love when you sound so pathetic. No cumming, just keep stroking that dick and getting more and more turned on. I want you so desperate for release. I’ll bet you’re even more desperate by now, wanting to release all of your unworthy spunk. But beg all you want, begging from a sub human like you never works on me, because I have no sympathy for you. There’s no mercy, keep stroking that cock. I want you to get right up to the edge.

And then when you’re right at the edge, I’m going to make you slow down again. I love it when you’re so worked up and then I just tell you, No! Again and again, as I deny you with a heartless glance. Get closer again. And then let go of that dick. Then I’m going to make you edge all over again. I’m going to edge and deny you over and over and over again. Impress me with your ability to deny yourself for your Goddess. Stroke that dick like the loser that you are and know that only real men deserve orgasms. Beta boys like you don’t deserve to cum. And denying you makes you more and more obsessed with me, the woman who’s denying you an orgasm.

Fuck that loser. Keep tugging, get to the edge. I know it’s so hard to hold on. But you won’t be cumming at all. It’s just too much fun to mindfuck you and to deny you. So get to the edge one last time, and then let go, let it get soft, put it away, and let that ache remind me you of me.


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