Humiliation POV Goddess Kyaa: Worshiping My Toes Gives Your Life Purpose (June 6th 2017)

Goddess Kyaa

You little, pathetic weakling, down there on the floor beneath me. You don’t deserve to even look upon my beauty. I am a Queen and you are nothing but a pathetic little minion. You’re nothing. You are less than nothing. In fact, you’re a nuisance. But if I can find a use for you, perhaps you won’t be such a waste of fucking space. Put your focus on my feet, specifically my perfect toes right there in your face. They make you so horny and so weak. I have so much power over you with just my toes. My feet are more powerful than you could ever conceive of being yourself.

Just look at how much I’m turning you on with my feet in your face. Focus on my toes as they destroy your brain cells. I want you spending your time thinking about my perfect feet, wondering what color my toe nails are. Obsess over every aspect of my perfect toes. Spend every day worshiping them, stroking for them, thinking about them. And if you’re lucky, I’ll even let you pay them. You might even have the honor of paying for my next pedicure.

Being my toe worshiping slave boy is your life’s purpose. Your whole life is about worshiping me. The only reason you work or even fucking exist is to please my feet. You’ve always been a slave to my toes since the first time you laid eyes on them. But you are not doing enough for them and that’s why you find yourself depressed and restless. That’s why you come to me, begging, because you don’t know what to do with yourself. You simply need to worship me and focus on my toes. You don’t deserve anything but my toes.

You’re just a toe worshiping bitch for Goddess Kyaa. Focus on my long, lovely toes, see how I can stretch them and flex them, and scrunch them and curl them. And see how I can point them right in your face. Do you think you could fit all of my toes in your loser mouth? LOL! My feet are your total obsession, your addiction. You live for my toes, you crave them. Your cock is so hard and you’re so horny but you’re not allowed to cum until you pay tribute to my toes. Focus on my toes in your face and pay for my pedicure, my toe slave. And knowing that you paid for my next pedicure will make your cock throb.

You paid your cum tax and now you’re going to stroke for my toes. You’re a slave for my perfect feet. Cum for my toes, cum for my perfect feet, slave.


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