Dominatrixannabelle: A Dark Horse is george! + Adore, Worship & Devote !After Dark Audio

Incredibly erotic, hypnotically atmospheric, and damn right depraved!

Can you imagine? Oh I’m sure you can! This movie will have you on your knees
with your legs wide open, penis standing to attention, ready for your eager fingers
to begin their daily ritual! Mmm . . . doesn’t dear george look so innocent with his
adorable ‘who me’ face! Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth! Oh my goodness!

Well, I must say, when I invited george over for cream tea, he had quite
a surprise coming! Now, I will warn you, before sitting down comfortably with
your favourite drink, ready to feast your eyes over this insatiably HOT movie,
you must ensure you do not have any distractions. Make sure you have plenty
of lube, liquid silk is a must, plug in your ears, turn up the volumn, and sit back!

Oh my, you will be in for one hell of a debauched journey!

I know you will agree, the wait has been worth it!



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