Dominant Princess: P0p.pers: Never Ending Sniffing (1080p)

How does a never ending p0p.pers sniffing session sound? It sounds amazing doesn’t it! A true p0p.pers addict should really have that bottle constantly under his nose, just like you’re going to do today! This session is designed to have on a loop, the moment you think the session comes to an end, the moment it begins again. (Set it up to play on a loop before you start). I want you to get lost in our session, as in time doesn’t matter, you’re just following My sniffing instructions as well as listening intently to My sensual voice, I have some instructions that you need to follow to the point, you will be mirroring Me exactly, you have to follow My orders, how can a p0p.pers zombie not! Enjoy this never ending session, just be prepared for it!


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