Divina Alexa: Smother Knockout Bet

the martial arts instructor was so busy talking that I couldn’t focus so I made a bet with him. Knowing how much he liked to gamble and talk a big talk, I bet him that if i knocked him out- he would have to do something humiliating for me.. If I didn’t knock him out then I would sign up for a years worth of classes with him. The minute I took my pants off into my red hot leotard, he got a look on his face like he knew he was in for more than he could handle. I sat on his face and smothered him completely, not letting him get the chance to take a breath first. He was struggling after just 12 seconds! He wanted to change the bet but it was too late, he was going to suffer underneath me. After doing some exercises and bouncing on his face, I could feel my body sweating and looked down at him to see my sweat on his red face while he struggled for air….

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