Cruelcity: Tina`s Human Ashtray Swallows Her Cigarette Ash! (Tina Winter)(MP4 Full Hd 1080p Format)

Tina`s slave knows that when she calls, her better come quick! In this video she summons him and he`s at her side within seconds, fearing punishment should he be too slow. He lights up her cigarette like a good boy, and she has him kneel before her as her human ashtray. As she sits and enjoys the delicious puffs of smoke, she pauses to tap the cigarette in his open mouth. “Swallow it,” she demands, and he does as told like a good little bitch. Tina gets her much-needed nicotine fix as her slave obediently sits and waits to take her disgusting ashes. “Thank you, Mistress,” he says after swallowing even more of the gross ash. When she`s decided she`s had enough smoke, she puts the cigarette out on his tongue and makes him eat the butt! He chokes it down, eager to please his mistress and not wanting to disappoint. He`ll do anything for his goddess, even reducing himself to nothing more than her ashtray!

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