Cruelcity: Tessa and Tina Winter Get Their Shoes Worshiped by a Worthless Slave! (June 20th 2017)

“What are you waiting for? Lick them and make them clean!” Tessa demands as she sits with her high-heels resting on her coffee table. The naked slave before her immediately springs into action and begins lapping away at her shoes, polishing them with his tongue while Tessa sits back, relaxes, and supervises the job he\’s doing. “Lick them better!” she criticizes as he hungrily mouths her heels. He picks up the pace, working harder to please her as she watches and makes sure he doesn\’t slack off. Tessa\’s gorgeous friend June joins her on the sofa and props her feet up on the table as well, laughing at what a pathetic loser this moron is. “What about my shoes?” June asks, and the obedient slave, who\’s eager to please them both, instantly begins sucking on her heels. They make this little bitch beg to continue licking their shoes, commenting on what a loser he is as they watch him work that disgusting mouth of his. “You have four heels to lick, so do your job right!” June reminds him as he kisses, licks, and sucks their shoes all over. They take turns spitting in his mouth and he thanks them like the sad piece of shit that he is. Not finished yet, the two beauties make fun of his fat stomach, laughing at him as he gets back to work cleaning their heels with his tongue. What a stupid asshole this clown is!

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