Cruelcity: Cuckolded Slave Eats Another Man`s Cum from Nicole`s Pussy!(MP4 Full Hd 1080p Format)

After a long night of hot sex, Mistress Nicole calls her friend to relay all the torrid details. “He fucked me for almost an hour,” she brags after detailing how big and thick his cock was. She rubs her naked pussy as she recounts her steamy night and realizes the stud has left her a warm, wet present. He`s filled her up with his hot load and it`s still oozing out of her pretty pink slit! In a devilishly cruel move she summons her slave, tells him about her night of passion, and makes him lick the cum from her pussy. In an unexpected twist, she still has a used condom inside of her and her obedient slave picks it out with his teeth! She makes him smell it as she describes how hard she got fucked, then makes him finishing licking her clean. It`s the ultimate cuckold as he`s forced to eat another man`s cum from his mistress`s satisfied pussy! In a truly evil move, Nicole empties the used condom into his mouth and makes him swallow the spent load. How humiliating for him!

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