Cruelcity: Anne’s Cruel Ball-Busting with Her Black High Heels!

After making this loser get naked, Anne has him spread his legs and begins kicking him directly in his balls. She laughs hysterically as her black high heel connects with his sensitive nuts, his cries for mercy falling on deaf ears. “Please, please, without the shoes!” he begs, but she ignores his pleas and continues kicking him in the crotch. She confuses his senses by gently stroking his cock one second and cruelly punching him in the balls the next. She demands he get a hard-on, but when that fails to happen she returns to kicking him in the nuts. Enjoying his misery, she makes him get down on all fours and has him thank her while she keeps delivering painful blows to his swollen sac. She can’t stop laughing as the loser cries out in agony. He’s such a weak pussy!

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