CRUEL MISTRESSES: Pervert in the park 2. HD mp4

One day Suzy was walking in the park when suddenly she saw someone sitting next to the duck pond with a magazine in his hand. Many were playing around and were chasing balls, it was a tipical peacefull afternoon. She found the guy with the magazine very suspicious and she tried to get closer. Finally she sat on the same bench and took a glimpse at his magazine witch he wasnt hiding at all. It was some kind of a bdsm stuff full of pictures of woman in leather and naked guys suffering at their feet. Suzy got so angry that this guy is showing off with it amongst in the park that she tried to figure out a plan. Finally she turned towards the guy and said: Do you want to try it in real life or are you just a coward who drools on magazines? And thats how the story begans with whips and canes…

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