Clubdom: Punishing the Slave Runaway

Goddess Dahlia Rain and Mistress Tangent are outside in the beautiful weather enjoying a smoke trying to decide how they will abuse their slaves today, when one of the slaves takes advantage of the opportunity and attempts to escape. Of course Goddess Dahlia Rain and Mistress Tangent quickly catch the miserable pathetic slave. Goddess Dahlia holds him up with Mistress Tangent begins busting his worthless balls with her boot covered foot. Mistress Tangent asks if they are sore yet, then Goddess Dahlia begins kicking his disgusting slut sacks. Their slave collapses to the ground as he gets his balls tortured. They then force their slave to guess which Goddess is kicking his disgusting balls, or face more ball torture. Goddess Dahlia Rain and Mistress Tangent caught on of their ungrateful slaves trying to run away. They need to remind him why he shouldn’t try to leave, as they tie him up and use him as a whipping post. Goddess Dahlia Rain starts whipping his pale white back with her long black whip while he cries out in pain at the burning sensation. Misstress Tangent is more offended that her slave would try to escape, and is more harsh with her whipping, leaving long red marks on his back from her whipping. No one escapes Club Dom, and this pathetic ungrateful slave must be reminded of that. His suffering is music to the Goddess’s ears. Goddess Dahlia Rain and Mistress Tangent bring their ungrateful slave into the dungeon where they are going to cane his pathetic pale ass. They have him tied down in position giving Goddess Dahlia Rain and Mistress Tangent full access to cane anywhere they want on his pathetic ass. Mistress Tangent wants to make his sorry slave ass pay for trying to escape from the Goddess’s care and attention. They leave deep dark purple marks on his ass so that whenever he sits down for the next month, he will be reminded of Goddess Dahlia Rain and Mistress Tangent, and all they do for him.

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