Princess Kaylynn

I know you think you’re straight but I don’t really think so. So today I’m going to test you, you’re going to find a nice big hard cock and you are going to get on your knees and suck that cock. Do you understand me loser? Because you’ve been lying to yourself, telling yourself you’re not gay and that you don’t like cock. But you are gay loser, you’re gay because I said so. So I’m going to force you to suck on the biggest cock I can find for you. Whether you like it or not, you are going to suck a big cock. This is all part of my plan to make you completely weak and submissive for me.
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Mistress - T: Feminized For MILF

Mom puts a girly dress on her boy to encourage him to be more feminine. She wants him to like it so she arouses him by stroking his sensitive penis with the silky lining of the dress. She warms him up, gets him excited & eventually has him play with himself while she talks about her plans for his feminization. He’s going to have to get used to the taste of cum so he has to eat up his mess at the end.
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HARDCORE GANG BANG: Oct 28, 2015 - Tommy Pistol , Marco Banderas , Owen Gray , Bill Bailey , John Johnson  and Daisy Ducati

In the distant future, Daisy Ducati finds herself alone in a desolate land and seemingly the last living human on earth. She spends years trying to raise the dead to repopulate, despite the possible consequences. The beasts rise and Daisy finds herself in a gangbang of the sex crazed and undead. Hard fucking, double penetration, deep fisting and Daisy’s very first cream pie! Happy Halloween!
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My dominatrix girlfriend often organizes a cuckold party for other dominatrix and their slaves and every time there are For me very important that my lovers and slaves have a good athletic body because I hate the fatty or weak guys.Today I order my slave to begin to squat with big weights.because I’m not satisfied with his ass.In the afternoon I go to the gym and I see this fucking loser doing squats with 25 kg ! WTF?! Are you man or a fucking bitch?! This weight is enough for me for biceps workout but not for squat! Ok,so if you train as girl then I treat you as a girl also! Come on little girl kneel down in front of me and deepthroat my big plastic cock!! Good girl and now I fuck your virgin ass really hard because such a little bitch does not deserve anything else! I fuck your ass balls deep while you scream like a suckling pig! Ok the men are training in gym but for you I buy a aerobic membership and you will be my sissy slut from now!


After I fucked and humiliated my loser slave now I give him a really special and sensual handjob! I’m real Master of handjob because I know all erogenous zone on the penis and stimulation of these men go crazy really easily! I jerk and stimulate his dick by my special technique until his cock is much harder than ever in his life! Now comes the most powerful orgasm of his life.!! I finish the stimulation and don’t touch his dick again but all the sperm flows out from his cock without stopping!! After the last drop sperm is also spilled I jerk his hypersensitive cock again!He can’t decide that this is the best or cruellest handjob experience in his life, or both at the same time!
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