Skylar Rene & Sydney Thunder take on the powerful and skilled Venom. It starts out as a tag match, and Venom gets some submissions on the girls early and it looks like he might dominate the match, but Skylar & Sydney have other ideas. They speed up their tags in and out and quickly wear down Venom, they never let him catch his breath.

After they’ve humiliated him by making him tap over and over, it’s time to make it even worse! They forget tagging and take him on AT THE SAME TIME! With two girls as powerful and skilled as Skylar Rene and Sydney Thunder, no one would stand a chance with both of them coming at you. And just to put a finishing touch on Venom’s embarrassing loss, they then make ample use of SCISSORS, FACE SITTING, FOOT HUMILIATION, FORCED FOOT KISSING, FEMALE DOMINATION, HUMILIATION and MUCH MORE. A real treat for MIXED WRESTLING fans!
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You know what Slave? I’m going to give you at least something good to see, since your worthless ass is no challenge for me here. Even if I were wrestling with a tied up woman I would’ve had something to put some muscle into, but you spend all your time under me, on the floor, with your head stuck between my legs looking for air. What’s up with that you pussy? You can’t even almost put me down, you’re so worthless in this game that I pity you. Nah, no mercy. If you fight like a twig, you’ll break like one. So come one, let me hear you gasping for air and beg your Mistress for mercy. You won’t get any, but it’s still something, at least you’re good at begging. Sorry, I can’t hear your sorry face from under me, it’s like you’re not even there. Can you at least try and move something?
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Rapture & her male opponent spar off, and Rapture gains control right from the start. She pins her opponent to the mat, and giggles as he struggles to get up. They spar off again, and once again, Rapture gains the upper hand. They grapple around for a few minutes until Rapture gets her opponent on his back, pinning he hands behind him. She grabs a pair of handcuffs & cuffs his wrists together. Now, it’s time for Rapture to dominate him. She grabs some rope, and secures his arms to his chest, rendering him helpless

He asks for one more chance, and Rapture tells him that he’ll get his chance, and then she takes off her clothes. She starts to rub her naked, sweaty body all over him as he sits there helpless. Rapture puts him in some tight scissorholds, and smothers him with her naked tits. She even sits on his face with her naked ass, turning her poor opponents face very purple.

She continues teasing her him with her nude bod, smothering his face with her huge tits, and then sitting on his face with her bare ass & pussy. When she’s decided that he’s had enough, she unties & uncuffs him. Then, she puts him into a hold & instructs him to jerk off for her.
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Already marked with a sign hanging around his neck, frustrated and completely naked slave on his knees must withstand painful face slapping that two sexy femdom goddesses prepared for him. One dominatrix is a tall blonde and the other one is gorgeous brunette. Both are equally sexy and handsome what makes this slave even more confused and humiliated.

During this face slapping session, mistresses asked him a few questions, but it seems that they don’t need real answers but excuse to keep hitting him with their dominant hands since their only goal is clear and that is to make slave remember this for the rest of his miserable life.

While blonde mistress wears a very short black PVC skirt and high heels, brunette is serving her slaps without bra and in challenging thongs. But all this has nothing to do with this sub because it is forbidden for him to look at Mistresses beautiful breasts that are bouncing back and forth while she is giving him harsh and brutal face slaps that he definitely deserved.
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Long-legged Laci Star returns to ScissorVixens and teaches him what a REAL BEATING is like!

Drew likes to wear his wife-beater t-shirts because he thinks he’s tough and because he likes to mistreat his wife for little to no reason.

So when his wife calls her good friend Laci Star complaining about Drew’s latest outburst Laci puts on her ‘Boy Beater’ t-shirt and invites herself over to teach Drew what a REAL BEATING is like!

Laci Star has very long and very lean legs and as she points out in the video…she works out quite a bit to keep her body and legs STRONG!

She pushes her way into Drew’s house, wraps her lethal legs around his neck and proceeds to teach the moron a lesson he won’t soon forget saying…”You like to wear wife-beaters huh…? Can you read what my shirt says!?…Well I’m here to BEAT YOU UP!”.

Then Laci nearly pulls his arms out of their shoulder sockets in a lotus hold telling him…”You’re going to learn a thing or two today!”.

And during a sexy school-girl pin with her full weight and crotch sitting on his throat she says…”Now you’re going to see what it’s like to get your ASS BEAT!”.

Needless to say Laci has more than enough attitude to match her looooong legs in administering the SCISSOR BEATING of a lifetime to Drew!

So check out SEXY Laci Star in her ScissorVixens video titled ‘Laci the ‘Boy Beater’!’.
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When James uploads a series of private photos of his sexy exes for his new website, he gets a visit from MuscleBunny (whom he dated years ago), who is less than thrilled with having sexy photos of herself online for everyone to see. So she uses a combination of sex appeal and muscular power (often times Together) to get him to see things her way and remove them, turning him on and then breaking him apart, again and again, and try as he might to resist, James is helpless next to the powers of this Amazing Amazon!
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One look at the picture above and a word that may come to mind is SAVAGE!

Blonde Thunder competes as a pro-figure competitor but her quad muscles could easily grace the stage of any female bodybuilding competition! And yes folks…her legs are every bit as powerful, actually more powerful, than they look!

This SAVAGE SCISSOR video was simply no contest for Blonde Thunder as she often seems to be toying with us between her ridiculously powerful thighs! At one point her victim goes into FULL PANIC MODE tapping-out and pleading for her to stop in a series of reverse headscissors and reverse figure-4’s! After releasing him and allowing him to regain his composure Blonde Thunder suggest that we need to start keeping a paramedic on set!

Then it’s Drew’s turn to finish up the last few AGONIZING minutes between Blonde Thunder’s skull crushers! She tells Drew…”You wanna’ see what a real sissy bitch is!?” and then really POURS ON THE PRESSURE making Drew scream likes he’s never screamed before!
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21-year-old Gianna wrestles for the first time anywhere on camera and overpowers pain cushion Chad with headscissors that reveal developed quads reminding us most of young badass Andi. The beautiful new girl snaps on straight headscissors after straight headscissors, pouring the pressure on for long periods then popping her legs out to hurt his neck worse. A figure four as the college hottie in the glasses starts enjoying her power. Her rear naked choke is instantly brutal and has him gagging and hacking as she releases a little then pulls back until he is taking panicked, desperate breaths. He taps! She’s officially a badass as this guy will scream and gnash his teeth and sometimes get knocked out rather than tap. The tall girl puts him at her big feet and clinches her ripped quads around his skull in a standing headscissors. She punishes him in a long crucifix he admits he can’t escape. “Try,” she says and smiles her youthful smile. Pulling back on his neck and spine he screams and taps. The powerful girl applies a full nelson and almost tears his triceps apart as she stretches him coupling the hold with a bodyscissors. She finishes her introduction rocking his neck in a standing headscissors as she looks down at her first prey in her strong legs.
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