Brat Princess 2: Veronica – 18 Year Old Cheerleader Make Step Father Lick Dirty Sneakers and Worship Stinky Feet (1080 HD)

1080 HD Bratty 18-year-old Veronica is mad at her stupid step-father. She told him to clean her white cheer sneakers. He didn’t. Now she wants him to lick them clean. Veronica enjoys a lollypop while her step-father licks the dirt from her shoes. She has a cheer competition and she wants her white sneakers to be spotless. Veronica’s step-father is very pathetic. He obediently licks his 18-year-old step-daughters shoes. After the shoes have been cleaned with his tongue, Veronica tells her step-father to smell her stinky cheer socks. Veronica’s step-father does as he is told and smells his step daughter’s cheer socks. After he is done sniffing, Veronica wants her step-father to worship her feet. He does as his step-daughter wishes. Veronica knows exactly how to exploit her step-father’s foot fetish to get whatever she wants. She tramples him underneath with her pretty bare soles. With her perfect young feet, Veronica always gets whatever she wants from her foot-obsessed step-father.
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