mfvideobrazil – Rafaella Gueicha,Graziella Gueicha And Vivi – MP4/Full HD – Face Sitting Fuck Face Real Twins WhoIs The Better Dominatrix

Do you like hot, black-haired girls? Here you can see big-breasted twins who punish their slave with facesitting! Rafaella Gueicha and Graziella Gueicha have gorgeous bodies, so it’s 100% that you are going to like this real family video. The Brazilian slave, Vivi must lick the twins’ pussies and butts. The face fucking will be very exciting thanks to the clever little slave. The inked twins also smother Vivi who is willing to do anything they want. The twins like the face sitting very much so they made a long domination video. The slave is suffering, but they don’t mind it, because they just can’t get enough of the pussy licking.
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bratprincess – Mariah – MP4/Full HD – Sexy Mariah Facesits a Scrawny Guy

Description: 1080 HD Mariah’s dweeb is locked tightly in chastity and strapped to a firm chair. Mariah wears a sexy teddy while she giggles and sits on the little dweeb’s face. She is so much bigger than him! Her booty swallows him right up! For the little guy, there is no escaping the ass smother. The dweeb just has to accept that Mariah controls his life and his breath. She makes a good tight seal with her pussy and ass over his airways with her full-weight. The little dweeb understands that there is no fighting her. He accepts his fate.

Format: MP4
Duration: 11 Min
Size: 868 Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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mfvideobrazil – Aline Cruel And Vivi – MP4/Full HD – Face Sitting Fuck Face Under Water Real Fear In Real Time

Title: Face Sitting Fuck Face Under Water Real Fear In Real Time By Aline Cruel And Vivi

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Brat Princess 2: Mariah – Face Sits an Annoying Little Squirmer (1080 HD)

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Brat Princess 2: Natalya – Princess Eats Mexican Food Slave Eats Her Farts (1080 HD) (New)

1080 HD Natalya had lunch at a popular fast casual Mexican restaurant chain. The restaurant is notorious for causing digestive upset in its customers, but the food tastes really good, so it’s hard to resist. Natalya has no regrets, but she wants to get all her farts out now, into the mouth of her toilet slave. She has a date with her boyfriend soon, and she wouldn’t want to accidently fart while on a date. She especially doesn’t want to fart while bent into some of the crazy positions her boyfriend gets her into during sex. That would be embarrassing. Better to get all the farts out now, with her human toilet, before she’s with someone who’s opinion matters. It’s the toilet slave’s job to inhale all the farts, straight from Natalya’s glorious ass. A Princess doesn’t want to be bothered by her own smell. Natalya pulls down her pants so that there’s nothing to interfere with the slave soaking up the stink. He’s also been tied down good and tight, and won’t be released until he gets the job done. Natalya bounces her full-weight on the slave’s face. The bouncing helps work the gas out. She wants to make sure that she really gets all the farts out, so that she can smell pretty around her boyfriend. Once the gas has all passed, she leaves the toilet slave so that she can get ready for her boyfriend.
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Mfvideobrazil: Sofa Giant Girl By Mel Costa And Vaninha

Let’s take a look at these two, sexy sofa girls! They want to entertain you with heavy sitting. The giant, blonde Mel Costa is really mad at Vaninha so she punishes her. She sits on Vaninha’s head and push it very hard with her pretty hands. The Brazilian sofa girls go wild in the domination. Vaninha is barely able to breathe, because the domina is very heavy. She likes the torturing very much so she doesn’t want to stop it. The giant is really sexy her big boobs and high-heeled shoes. The Brazilian domina also shows her round butt in shorts while she is sitting on Vaninha’s head. The cruel domination doesn’t stop for more than 25 minutes!
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Brat Princess 2: Brianna – Mother Uses Sissy Sons Face to Get Off while Thinking About Lover (1080 HD)

1080 HD Brianna has been thinking about her lover all day. She is very turned on fantasizing about his chiseled Alpha male body. Unfortunately, her Alpha male isn’t available to come over and pleasure her like she needs. But her son, danni, is home. Danni is being trained by his mother to serve her every need as a sissy. Danni’s body looks nothing like his mother’s lover’s, but since he’s the only available option, his face will have to do. Brianna rides her son’s face while picturing her superior male lover. Danni wears a tight corset, garters and stockings as part of his training. He is locked tightly into chastity, so that the pleasure is all for his mother. Brianna uses a vibrator to ensure that she has a nice orgasm. Danni, acting like a disobedient girl, objects to helping his mother. Mother sets her sissy son straight and tells her to hum into her pussy so she can get off. If danni fails to make his Mother cum, he will be left in chastity indefinitely. Brianna rocks her hips until she climaxes. When she’s finished, Brianna puts her stockinged feet on danni’s face. Danni must kiss his mother’s feet and thank her for the opportunity to be useful. When Brianna’s Alpha comes over, danni must answer the door. As a good sissy, he must be submissive to both his mother and her Alpha. Danni worships his mother’s stockings until there is a knock at the door. Hearing the knock, he knows what he must do…
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Brat Princess 2: Natalya – Puny Loser Tied Down and Face Ridden Hard (1080 HD)

1080 HD Natalya has tied a boy to her bed. She sits on his face and controls his breath with her ass. Natalya loves controlling the boy’s breath. She giggles as she smothers him. Natalya starts to grind and pleasure herself with his face. She bounces full weight on him. The boy is afraid to have his head crushed under Natalya’s weight. He is very small and puny. Natalya does not care that she could hurt him. She wants to use the little loser’s face to give herself an orgasm. The loser has to hold his breath for a long time while she’s trying to cum. Natalya rides his face hard until she has a satisfying orgasm.
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Brat Princess 2: Brianna and Natalya – Sister Encouraged by Mother to Fart on Brother (1080 HD)

Danni is finally getting a chance to relax when his sister, Natalya, comes into his room. Natalya casually walks up and farts in her brother’s face. Danni is disgusted. He thinks his sister is gross. Natalya lets a couple more rip on her brother’s face. Danni tells Natalya to stop farting on him. Things escalate. Natalya pins danni down onto the bed. Danni tries to squirm away, but he is smaller and weaker than his younger sister. Natalya sits on her brother’s face. While holding him down, she farts directly into his nose. Danni starts calling for his mom to intervene. Danni’s cries get louder and more desperate. His mother, Brianna, hears the commotion and comes into his bedroom. Danni begs his mother to tell Natalya not to fart on him. Brianna scolds danni. She tells him to quiet down and stop making a fuss. Natalya laughs. She holds her brother’s head down and farts on his face even more. Natalya reminds her brother that she is his Keyholder now. She can do whatever she wants. Natalya pulls down her leggings and pulls aside her thong. She wants nothing to get in the way of him directly breathing in her farts. Now that she knows her brother hates it so much, she is going to fart on his face as much as she can.
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