Dirty Talk and Masturbation Instructions

Goddess Marsha May knows how to drive you wild and bring you right to the edge, She loves teasing you with her sexy curves and her red and black striped stockings she knows you wish you could feel her silky feet wrapped around that pathetic excuse you call a dick, She knows you are stroking that little dicklet with your thumb and forefinger all 2" inches, She lets you dump your loser goo all over the floor then laughs as she instructs you to eat it.
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These Goddess’s know all you dream of is big black cock stretching out your pathetic man cunt you fantasize about Goddess Rilynn Rae and Mistress Roxii Blair pounding your little pussy owning you completely, dominating, you and then allowing you to stroke that little 2" inch slut stick only to lick up your own filth and get back in your cage.
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Princess Nikki Next

I know you’re becoming more and more addicted to me loser, and today I’m going to further that addiction by giving you another reason to be completely obsessed with me. Can you handle it? You’re addiction is about to intensify. I want you to just sit there and jerk your stupid stick as I give you a nice little upskirt view. You can see almost all the way up my young thighs to my cute little panties. I’m such a tease.

Now watch as I pull my skirt up over my ass. That’s it loser, stare and jerk and get more addicted. Just look at my perky young ass. It’s so tight, so perfect, so young. Stare at it, don’t take your eyes off of it. Become addicted to my ass. Worship it. It’s so cute, so amazing, and you’ll never have it. All you can do is jerk to it on your screen and get more and more addicted to it. More addicted to me. I control you with just my ass.

How does it feel to be obsessed with an ass that you will never have, that you will never even see? All you get to do is jerk to it on your computer screen. And even though you know this, you still can’t stop yourself. It’s so tight and young, I know. You’re such a perv, staring at my young ass in panties. But I don’t care, be a perv. I love mindfucked pervs like you, I love making you addicted to me. Because getting you to spend on me is so easy when you’re horny and stupid.

You’re just another loser falling more and more in love with. More in love with my ass. There are so many of you that I can’t keep track. You’re just another faceless loser to me, nothing more than a number. Now stop touching your cock. Just stare and throb. This will reinforce your addiction. Stare at it loser. Get lost in my young ass, you dirty perverted loser.
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Princess Penny knows just how you LOVE the superior cock, big, black, meaty cock makes your mouth water. You enjoy being a dirty little cock sucker. She will encourage your dirty little faggot ways today, teasing you into taking this big black cock deep down your cock sucking throat. Guiding you every single way, before you know it your mouth is going to be full with this thick dick.

Can you imagine guzzling all that cum from that black dick? You want it bad don’t you. It’s what you jerk over. Black SUPERIOR dick! Suck it SLUT! You will be left craving black dick faggot boy! Continue Reading

Look at the mess my real men have made cucky – all for you! My studs have left a huge puddle of their alpha-cumloads all over the floor to give you something to clean up and I’m going to video you mopping up their spunk with your tongue so they can see just what a pathetic beta-cuckold you really are. Kneel down next to their filthy cum-puddle and look into my camera so they can see you begging me to let you slurp up their cum from the floor. I want the guys who are fucking your girlfriend to see how much of a loser boyfriend you are. They’re going to watch as I push your stupid face into their slimy cummy mess and make you lick it up. This is just the first of the humiliating tasks me and my alpha-bulls have decided to set you to keep you in your place and to enforce your cuckold status. It’s not enough for them to come over here and take your girlfriend to your bed and fuck her. That’s not humiliating enough – they want to totally emasculate you so that I’ll never ever see you as a real man. They fucked your girlfriend, emptied their used condoms all over the floor so you have to mop it all up and then I’m going to push their discarded condoms inside your cuckold ass. You can wear their filthy, wet condoms in your ass for the rest of the day. I’m going to fuck them deep into your ass with a dildo an then plug you so they stay right inside all day.
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Your expenditure needs to be reigned in. You are not a normal man and should not live a normal life. You do not work 9-5 at that dull job for any other reason than to give to me. So it’s about time you take the next step and truly feel the sacrifice of being a financial slave. You are here to give me what I want and truly deserve, which is every I demand.

I want you on your knees, your credit card out, ready to spend on my command. You have fantasised about this for years. You do not have the patience for a slow draining. You are too hooked and too excitable for that. You are my favourite type of slave… The junkie who will totally fuck himself over for the pursuit of humiliation. Imagine the excitement of making those transfers, applying for credit, maxing out everything you own… Imagine the smug look on my face as I watch you fuck yourself over. Imagine feeding my greed and watching me get richer and richer.

Serving me as my financial pig has given your life some direction, some meaning. Each month as I take that cash from your hands it gives you that warm feeling inside, knowing you have been of some use. Knowing that I will never work a day in my life and in return lead an extravagant life due to the Bank of Pig. As you know, my taste for expensive items and luxurious vacations has excelled, grown way out of control for your wages. The added wage of your second job is just not enough and you NEED to do what makes me happy and you hard and that’s give me what I want. I have broken you down to just a whimpering, weak addicted Zombie, my pay zombie. Completely and utterly memorized by my beauty and power. I know just how to get in to your head and you simply cannot fight it. You are a weak male with even more of a weaker penis, seeing your bank account drained each month and being one of my workers is all your worth. You feel weak at the sight of my hot body and you need to pay.
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1080 HD Alexa, Kayla and Natalya have got you strapped down to their milking bench. They’ve got you pumped full of chemical substances to ensure you won’t lose that profitable erection. They are going to milk you for pre-cum all day. You will be edged for hours, but never allowed to cum. That’s because you are a cow. Cows are mined for valuable pre-cum, then left in a cage to rot. The beautiful teasers tease you with their three amazing asses. They want to keep you earning for them. You are allowed to stare at their perfect bodies. That’s because the more you look, the more aroused you become. The more aroused you are, the more pre-cum you produce. Good producers are the most useful to the teasers. You want to be useful, because if you aren’t, there is a punishment. Poor producers get an electric current sent straight through the testicles. This really hurts. The pain is a good motivation to keep the girls happy. You aren’t a person to them. When these beauties look at you, all they see is profit. You are now trapped, for the rest of your life, in the ultimate state of tease and denial.
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Bratty Ashley Sinclair

This is going to be torture for you. I’m going to show off my sexy body for you and tease the fuck out of you, and I know you’re going to get so turned on. And I’m even going to let you touch yourself. But you’re not allowed to cum. I want that in your brain. I want you to jerk knowing your pathetic cock isn’t allowed to cum. You can just watch me dance and get naked, you can stare and jerk, but that cock of yours is going to be completely denied.

I’m going to dance around in my sexy lingerie, and then I’m going to strip for you. You’ll get to gaze upon my sexy naked body as I shake my hot body, teasing the fuck out of you, all the while knowing that you’re not going to cum. I want that engrained in your head as you watch me strip and dance. So go on, jerk it loser. Jerk and watch the way my body moves. Jerk it for my naked tits, my hot little ass, and my sweet pussy.

I’m sure you’re so turned on and hard right now, but no cumming, loser. I know you want to so bad after watching me dance around half naked. You can keep stroking it if you want, you can stroke all day for all I care just as long as you don’t cum. I know you love being teased and denied. That’s what losers like you deserve.
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Goddess Dahlia Rain noticed your tiny dicklette when you crawled towards her outside. Mistress Tangent knows that you certainly have never pleased a woman before with that tiny little sad excuse of a cock. Goddess Dahlia Rain knows that you get turned on just looking at their hot bodies, but you know deep down that no one will ever want to touch that little dicklette. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a real cock? If you had a real cock, you might then be able to get a real woman, not a sad deflated blow up doll. The Goddesses tell you how you can stroke your pathetic excuse for a penis, and give you masturbation instructions. If you are a good bitch boy, they will let you come for them
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