cfnmtv: Autumn Term (part 1-10)

The excitement at the disco in the school assembly hall is reaching fever pitch with the girls eagerly milking the naked boys. With no teachers to stop them they are really going for it. The boys have no resistance to the girls attentions and find themselves succumbing to their bidding. It looks like it’s going to be a messy end to the day!
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cfnmtv: Male Anatomy For Girls

Male Anatomy For Girls

Mr Curtis will do anything to get his son accepted into this prestigious establishment but his endurance is about to be pushed to the limit. It’s one thing to be naked and examined by the eager girls but having his g-spot probed may well prove too much to bear. For a proud working class man, having anything shoved up his arse is the ultimate humiliation. But down on his hands and knees with the commanding teacher and her laughing pupils mauling his naked body – he has little option but to comply.
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cfnmtv: Diary of a Teenage Nudist

Clips from the documentary shown on Channel 4 TV (UK) 22.00 on Dec 29 2004

Biana, 18, is like most teenagers only she was brought up in the nudist resort run by her parents. As she grew she became insecure about her body so turned her back on nudism, becoming a ‘textile’. Now she notices a growing trend amongst some British teenagers to become nudists.

What are the benefits of nudism and are there malevolent people awaiting the fledgling nudist? This was the subject of the documentary.
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cfnmtv – Mr Craig – WMV/SD – (part 1-6)

School discos are often the place where youngsters discover their first sexual awakenings. The chance for boys and girls to mix in a relaxed environment away from the pressures of the classroom. But sometimes things can get a little out of hand – especially with the girls egging the boys on. It looks like is going to be one party that no one will forget in a hurry!
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cfnmtv: CFNM 4 Girls – Tea-boy’s terror

It’s all go in the offices of CFNM 4 Girls. The launch issue is such a big seller that the magazine is now monthly. The deadline for February 2011 is fast approaching and the pressure is on. Kate and Paloma have some hard decisions to make – which men are good enough to appear in their esteemed publication? Such is their success that everyone from pop stars to sportsmen are clamouring to be featured. But Kate will not accept partial nudity – it’s full CFNM or nothing! Many of their male ‘models’ are unaware what they’ve let themselves in for. And that goes for the innocent tea-boy too.
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