cfnmtv: Caught & Stripped (part 1-6)

Strange howling noises can be heard coming from the bar of the local rugby club. Inside a group of women are showing two lads what happens when they talk about them behind their backs. Ryan and Shamus were letting off steam after their workout – they never expected that their words would get them into so much trouble. Now they are totally at the mercy of Hazel and her friends who are not in the mood to be lenient.
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cfnmtv: St Dunstans Infirmary – Nurse, the screens!

It’s another busy day at St Dunstans and the talk throughout the school is of the boys’ yearly medical exams. Like all such establishments, St Dunstans has a responsibility to ensure their students are in top health and they take this very seriously. It can be quite a chore and the busy nurse will not tolerate any messing around. She has her own ways of dealing with young men who disobey her.
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cfnmtv: Caught & Stripped (part 1-5)

Ryan and Shamus’ anuses throb painfully from being finger-fucked and they hope desperately that the girls will get bored soon. But Hazel, Natalie and Melanie are just getting going. Getting revenge on these tough rugby players is a thrilling experience for them and they’re not done yet. They intend to teach the two men that they should be careful what they wish for.
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cfnmtv: Exam Day

When Summer comes grown-ups have their holidays to look forward to. What do the young have?
As if being stuck at school wasn’t bad enough already. Fortunately the education authorities have, for generations, skilfully planned for the year of hard work to culminate at exactly the same time. A time when the young are compulsively obsessed with only one thing.
And it ain’t cramming.

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cfnmtv: Caught & Stripped (part 1-4)

It took the girls no time at all to strip the two hunky men and get them under their control. Now totally naked and embarrassed Shamus and Ryan have no choice but to go along with the girls’ “games”. But merely measuring and comparing the boys’ penises isn’t enough for these excitable women. They have something up their sleeves that will make the lads wish they’d kept their mouths shut.
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cfnmtv: Debt Collectors (Part 1-2)

The confident and powerful women at Glove Bunny know just how to treat their “models”. The main thing is to act quickly before they realise just what is going on – as they have done with Luke. His head spins as the women order him around, giving him instructions to show off skimpy underwear for them to judge. Little does he realise that they have plans for him that will reduce him to a quivering wreck!
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