cfnmtv: CFNM Training – Michael

Big Aussie bloke Michael is used to being the dominant one when it comes to women. But he’s out of his depth from the minute he walks through the door. Unused to such self-confident women and outnumbered he’s not sure how to react. The women quickly dominate the big lug and get him under their control, his masculine body theirs to play with. Then the fun really begins… Watch how they strip him and manhandle his body causing the nervous man to sweat profusely. He ends up fully naked and embarrassed in front of them.

Unsure and apprehensive, Michael is totally under the power of the three confident women. They decide he’s to spend the whole of this session on his hands and knees – subservient to them. The biggest test for proud heterosexual Michael is having things inserted into his arse. He does his best to brazen it out, even pretending to enjoy it – but the amount he sweats and the horrified look on his face tell a different story. He’s quickly learning that it takes a lot of hard work to be a CFNM model…

Surrounded by the three domineering women, Michael is completely under their power. His body under their control. For someone so macho it’s unnerving to be manhandled in such an offhand manner. But the women are determined to drain his balls dry of every last drop of his precious sperm. All he can do is lay there helplessly as they eagerly take hold of him and work him up into a frenzy.
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cfnmtv: The Initiation (part 1-5)

At their prestigious private school, Jonathan and Philip rule the roost. They stroll around casually issuing orders to the other boys and inflicting punishments whenever they feel like it. They are both feared and revered – even by the teachers! Yet here, in the scruffy part of town and surrounded by commoners, they have absolutely no power at all…
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Amateur CFNM: Naughty Boner

Caitlyn calls her slave in and is appalled to see the horny fucker has an erection. She decides to make it go down by smacking it over and over – that doesn’t work. She puts him across her knee and spanks him but his cock is harder than ever. So she gets him to lie across her knees and starts wanking…
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cfnmtv: The Initiation (part 1-3)

Posh boy Geraint is undergoing the most humiliation initiation of his life! In order to be accepted into the prestigious Fullingdon club he has been taken from the opulent luxury of his private school to a rougher part of the city. Here he has displayed his naked body in front of a group of cackling cleaning women. But his audience aren’t content to simply watch – they’ve taken him in hand and are taking full advantage of their new plaything…
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cfnmtv: Private Eyes (part 1-3)

Jane and Danika have sent rugby star Scotty Eastwood away with strict instructions to return later. They’ve not finished with him yet. But in the meantime, the two imperious women have found themselves someone else to play with until he returns. They just can’t get enough of naked male flesh and their latest subject provides a nice contrast to the angry sportsman.

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