Brat Princess 2: Charlotte – Teaser Mocks Ruined slave in Virtual Reality

1080 HD Charlotte has a slave in virtual reality and tied to a chair. She removes his chastity. She’s going to force him to have an orgasm today to images his Princess wants him to learn to sexualize. Charlotte is very bored with her job at the edging salon. She just wants the slave to hurry up and cum. The slave moans. His moaning is very annoying to Charlotte. She can’t wait to get his orgasm over with. She rolls her eyes and mocks his weird sounds with her facial expressions. Finally, the slave has its stupid orgasm. As soon as the slave starts to cum, Charlotte drops his dick, gets up and leaves the room. Milking session done! His orgasm is totally ruined. Hey, his Princess just had him scheduled for a routine brain-rewire milking. Nobody said it had to be an orgasm that felt good for him.


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