Brat Princess 2: CD – Cuck Cleans Up a Bulls Mess (1080 HD)

Cameron is home from her date with Tommy. She can’t wait to fuck Tommy. First she makes Marcello get her ready with her tongue while she worships Tommy’s thick cock. She reminds her cuck this is what a real cock looks like. Tommy then takes her from behind. He fucks her hard while she slaps and spits in her cuckolds face. The cuck is humiliated watching her stud pound her while stuck in a chastity tube. Then Tommy flips her over onto her back. Cameron tells her cuck to hold her ankles and spread her legs for her. The cuck holds Cameron’s legs open while Tommy pounds her to an orgasm. Finally Tommy cums all over Cameron’s pussy. Now it is time for the ultimate humiliation. The cuck must lick up her Bull’s mess. The cuck is hesitant but Cameron makes him lick her clean. She even spoon feeds some of it with her fingers. The cuck is so frustrated but he knows his place. He is Cameron’s wallet and now her clean up boy.

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