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For young Martin Lilley, being nude in another person’s presence is an uncomfortable experience. So finding himself a participant in a naked bike ride is the biggest test of his nerves he’s ever had to endure. But somehow the process has been a liberating one. Overcoming his painful shyness he started to enjoy the experience of being completely naked whilst cycling around the busy streets of London. That is until he ran into Ellie, Sabrina, Jessica and Susan…
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“You’ve been a good slave, so I’m going to stroke your dick,” Anne tells her obedient worshiper as he stands naked before her. Kneeling below him, she lubes up his cock and begins to jerk him off until his balls are aching to explode. She finally lets him cum, but completely ruins his orgasm by refusing to touch his dick as he blows his load all over the floor! She watches and laughs as this loser dribbles his cum all over the place without her help. “This is what you deserve!” she cruelly taunts, and the jerk replies by thanking her! She loves getting her slaves all worked up and then ruining their orgasms.
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I’ve been walking around all day in these cute canvas wedges and My feet are sweaty and stinky! I quickly tease the shoes off to let you bury your nose in deep. I put My feet over your nose so you can take it all in, then tell you to clean My feet with your tongue. I want you to lick the soles up and down and get in between each of the toes. I then count you down to a powerful orgasm.
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Goddess Alexa

Hey faggot. Why am I calling you one? Because you are one. And maybe that’s because your dick is smaller than my lip gloss. Or maybe it’s the fact that you never seem to hit on women. Or maybe it’s because when you watch porn you’re obsessed with looking at the big cocks rather than paying attention to the girl, which is what a straight man would do, a man who loves pussy. You know you don’t deserve pussy, you’re just a stupid little faggot. You know and I know that your little dick could never satisfy a pussy. You are just a complete cock loving faggot, aren’t you?

You’re sitting here looking at my big huge tits but all you can think about is a big cock going down your faggot throat. I deal with so many guys like you. Pussy is too good for you, the only thing you deserve is a nice big cock inside of you. Look at my ass, does this turn you on? Of course it does, but what you really want is to be looking at my perfect ass while you suck cock for me. You’re not looking at my ass and wishing you could fuck it. No, you want to be a good little cock sucking whore for me. Which is good because a woman like me would never be with a little faggot like you. The only thing I would ever do with you is whore you out and make a lot of money off of you.

Even as I tease you with my pussy all you can think is how you want to suck cock for Goddess Alexa. You’re thinking, “Oh my god she’s sitting there rubbing her pussy, I want to suck dick for her!” LOL! You fucking faggot! As I spread my legs and rub my pussy, you’re not even thinking about sliding your cock in me and making me cum. No, because you know that will never happen you dumb little bitch. Instead you’re thinking, “A nice big dick in my mouth would feel so good as I watch Goddess Alexa humiliate me.” You’re a little humiliation faggot loser.

Would you even be good at sucking cock? You’re such a little faggot anyways, why don’t we put your skills to the test? I know you want to suck cock for me. Just message me and we’ll set something up, I’ll whore out your little bitch holes. I’ll get you the cock that you need. This is what you crave, this is all you can think of. What’s the point in pretending that you’re not one hundred percent a little faggot bitch? There is no point. You need to do it. You’re going to pay me to find a cock for you so I can turn you into the cock loving faggot that you are. And then after I take all of your money, I’ll use it to go out with a real man. And I’ll get fucked because real men get to fuck me. You get to be a faggot for me, sucking dick for me all day, every day. Licking your lips clean of all that cum, you’ll be a fucking cum rag and you’ll thank me for it.
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New face Draven Star finds out why we call the site Sexually Broken. Brutal breath play, deepthroating and fucking send this little slut into subspace at light speed.

3 intense scene this week on Sexually broken, as Draven gets brutally throat fucked while sitting on a sybian, cumming over and over. She gets double fucked from both ends and is made to service both cock while bound in incredible bondage. All girls come into Sexually Broken smiling, they all leave wondering what the fuck just happened and why is liquid dripping out of all my holes?
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