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HOGTIED: Apr 28, 2016 - The Pope  and Gabriella Paltrova

Gabriella is a feisty little brat that likes to see what she can get away with. Once in bondage, she maintains the brattiness, which inspires The Pope to unleash his sadistic torment. The bondage keeps her helpless all day as she suffers through hours of punishment. The reward is the same for all of the whores, but this one seems to need it more today. She will allow almost anything to happen just to get an orgasm.
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FUCKING MACHINES: Apr 27, 2016 - Bobbi Dylan

Bobbi gets put on a stage and then is surrounded by three machines. She is instructed to pick a dick and start fucking. We follow her around her pedestal as she gets pounded and made to cum. Every orgasm makes her move to a different machine in search of the next orgasm. After she has given us everything she has, we move her into a standing position and fuck her until her knees get weak. The only thing left to do is to sit her down on a sybian and finish the job of blowing this girl’s mind.
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ELECTRO SLUTS: Apr 28, 2016 - Ela Darling  and Siouxsie Q

Latex dominatrix Siouxsie Q torments and pleasures Ela Darling while she’s Bound and filled with an electrified buttplug! Tied down doggy style, Ela’s ass is covered in e-stim sticky pads while fucked to orgasm with an electrified vibrator! Ella serves her mistress with pussy licking and a hard fisting motivated by the pleasure and pain of her wired butt plug, the zapper, and the cattle prod!
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Subby Hubby: Parker & Kimber Assworship Human Sink/Tormented he-bitch Part 6: Human Sink

After all of that fucking, the lesbian lovers to take a bath. We find them kissing and caressing each other, covered in suds. Parker Swayzee and Kimber Woods force their he-bitch to worship their ass and then they decide to brush their teeth and turn him into their human sink for their waste. The girls spit their tooth paste waste-water into his mouth and into his face. How humiliating! He endures their humiliation as these naked soapy Goddesses abuse him over and over. He finally towels them off and is left there on his knees.
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Club Dom: Punished By the Fur Mistress

Mistress Aleana is angry and calls her slave boy over and drags him over her knee. She torments him with how good her fur coat feels on his skin but it turns out, he does not deserve that pleasure, he deserves a severe OTK punishment for leaving her beautiful fur coat on the floor and not taking it to the dry cleaners. He tries to plea but he knows he is wrong and she dishes out a very harsh OTK that he will not soon forget, making his ass more and more red with each heavy swat and leg locking him into position so he cannot get away.
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Humiliation POV Goddess Paige Orion: Mindless Obedient Paybot Programming (Effects)

Goddess Paige Orion

This is a fully immersive paybot brainwashing clip. In addition to the visual stimulation your brain will receive, there are intense whisper tracks and binaural tones that will permanently embed themselves in the synapsis of your brain. Dont say you werent warned, piggy.

Find a place where you are comfortable and we can be alone so you can listen to my voice. Take a deep breath and follow my words as they lead you down into a hyp n0 t!c trance where I can brainwash you. Your eyes grow heavy, my voice wraps around you as you find yourself spiraling downwards into your subconscious. The inner recesses of your psyche will be exposed to me. Listen as I tell you the truth. Feel it sink into your mind, becoming a part of you.

You are nothing but my paybot. You exist for one purpose, to pay. You need to please your Goddess, you need to make me happy. The only time you feel pleasure is when you are paying me because that is the only thing you can do that makes me happy. You have no other emotions, no other thoughts, except the ones that I give you. No other thoughts except the ones I plant inside of your weak mind.

You exist to be my mindless, obedient paybot. All of your money belongs to me, all of your soul belongs to me. You are my paybot. You are being programmed and it feels so good. You are a good little robot who exists merely to pay. Watch as your money disappears before your eyes. Youre just a machine, with one purpose, to pay.

You need this, you want this, more and more and more. Your wallet is mine. You only know three things, worship, obey and pay. That is the mantra of any good paybot. Robots obey their humans, they obey their programming and that is what this is. Reprogramming your mind. Worship, obey, pay. Give me all of your money. Youre addicted to paying. Paybots exist to pay. Every time you see me you will be overcome with an urge to empty your wallet into my greedy little hands. You are my good paybot. You exist to pay. Feel the truth coursing through your veins. Little tiny seeds planted in your subconscious, growing, taking root. Only through fulfilling your programming can you hope to be happy. Give in pet. You will never be able to remove this programming.
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So I really get to kick him as hard as I want? Nineteen year old Naomi asks. Amadahy emphatically assures her, Yes! This is Naomis very first time busting balls. She loves it! Kick him harder! Amadahy encourages. Naomi gets in a flurry of very solid kicks. OMG this is awesome! Your first time and youre ripping it up! Amadahy says. Thanks girl! Naomi replies. Amadahy takes a turn at the slave. She kicks the slave as hard as she can. Naomi follows. I love this! Naomi says while kicking the slave. I want to go, I want to kick him until hes down. Amadahy says. Ok, replies Naomi, but then we get to stand him back up and go again, right?
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Humiliation POV Macey Jade: Cock Sucking Sissy Cuck Hubby

Macey Jade

This is part two, click here for part one!

Oh honey, it pleases me so much to see you with your little cock out. I know you heard me making plans with my stud and I can see it got you hard. You sure do love knowing that your wife is going to be pleased by a real man with a big cock. It turns you on so much because you know its what I deserve and you know this is what you deserve. Im sure you loved sucking on the big dildo I got you while you jerked your little cock. You want to be a good cocksucker for big cocks just like I am, dont you?

I hope that youve been practicing and that you can work that ginormous cock all the way down your throat. You love big black cock, dont you? I know you do and so do I. And tonight I have another gift for you to enjoy while Im out with my stud. Youll be sucking that replica of my real mans cock while Im out sucking on it for real.

And its only fitting that while you are sucking cock that you are dressed properly in slutty pink lingerie. Isnt that right sissy cuck hubby? So I got you some hot lingerie and some anal beads for your ass while you suck that dildo. I want you to start training your ass so that one day you can take that big black cock up your ass. Youre going to have so much fun while Im out.

Youre going to be the perfect cock sucking sissy cuck hubby. You want that, dont you? So put on that lingerie, I want you feeling so slutty. Dont you feel so sexy? Tuck your little dick inside of those panties where it belongs. Im going to turn you into the perfect sissy for sucking big black cock.
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