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HARDCORE GANG BANG: Dec 23, 2015 - Wolf Hudson , Mickey Mod , Owen Gray , Will Havoc , Gage Sin  and Kimmy Lee

Kimmy Lee worked the streets as a prostitute for years before she turned to religion for saving. Yet the nunnery doesn’t have enough power to stop this whore from wanting to fuck! She confesses all her sins to Father Gage and he takes advantage of her immoral desires and fills all her holes with 5 fellow clergymen! Blasphemy, airtight fucking, double penetration and 5 loads for the whore slut of a nun!
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FUCKING MACHINES: Dec 23, 2015 - Raven Rocket

We finally got the beautiful Raven to give our machines a ride. She is the definition of perfection, with her perfect tits, ass, face, and everything else. We watch as she gets ready and it becomes clear to all of us that this is going to be a great day. She has a sexual appetite like none that we’ve seen in recent times. We fuck her as hard as we can all day long, and just when you think she has had enough, she wants more.
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HOUSE OF TABOO: Haunted Humiliation Two Studs Educate Teenager In The Attic

When Mugur shows his client an apartment, the realtor discovers a naked girl captured underneath a web of ropes in the attic. First, they check if she’s alright and while feeling her pulse and body temperature, her nipples get hard. Both studs starts getting down on that young brunette teen. Kristy Black was awaiting them to get humiliated because all she wants is two big fat cocks in her mouth for some multidick sucking and some spanking until her small ass blushes red! They feed her their hard cocks and start spanking that young babe with some wooden toys and a whip before fucking her doggy style.

She rides them like a cowgirl and gets both pricks inserted into her anus and shaved twat for that intense double penetration awakening before playing with her hard nipples and getting her butthole licked in some ass to mouth action. The dominant lads fuck that submissive teen in today’s episode off DDF Network’s “House of Taboo” fetish porn scene until they cum on her ass and in her mouth! Check out some closeups below in out XXX porn pics gallery!
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HARDTIED: Dec 23, 2015: Fit To Be Tied 2 | London River | Jack Hammer

Holy hell, London River is flexible. She could probably have been a contortionist, but this brunette beauty decided she loved being in bondage so much she had to do it for a living. We are all better off for it, too, because finding a stunning piece of ass that can stand to be twisted into these intense positions is a rare treat.

Jack Hammer takes London’s leg and ties it up all the way behind her head. Her thigh, calf, foot, and ass are all there for the caning, and there’s only so much struggling she can do before she just falls over and exposes herself further. Suffering has its benefits. If she is good enough to take everything else Jack sends her way then there is the chance that he will throw in a few orgasms for her, too. When she isn’t bound she likes to arch her back and thrash a bit whenever she gets off. With the rope around her she can’t do either and it is all that much more intense when the ecstasy finally comes.

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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Dec 23, 2015 | Mona Wales | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

They don’t make many like Mona Wales. She is one of a kind. Charming, enthusiastic, eager and hot as fuck. Mona is a sexual athlete. She throws herself onto the dick like it is her last meal, her eyes shining and her holes greedy. Today we are here to give her exactly what she craves. In spades.

Bound on her heels in strict metal shackles with both a vibrator pressed right on her clit and a dildo wedged deep into her tight pussy, Mona’s mouth hole is ripe for the plucking. The unforgiving metal collar keeps her face firmly in place. She can not dodge or escape the dick. All she can do is take exactly what we feel like dishing out.

One after the other the hard cocks step up and tattoo their initials on the back of her throat. In short order, the drool pours out of Mona’s moaning mouth as the vibrator rips out orgasm after orgasm out of her tight pussy. Her eyes glass over as she spirals into sexual subspace.

We pound her down into a messy destroyed puddle of cummed out flesh. Mona is reduced to an undone animal, concerned only with breathing and her next orgasm. It is delightful to watch. We could do this every day, to be honest. Mona is just too much fun to not stick your dick in. This one will be back…
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EVERYTHING BUTT: Dec 22, 2015 - Penny Pax and Savannah Fox

Every Whore down in Whore-ville liked Christmas a lot but the Bitch who lived just north of Whore-ville did NOT The Bitch hated christmas! The whole Christmas Season! Now please don’t ask why, We will get to the reason! With the Thrust of her cock and the warmth of the Goo The Bitch got an idea and knew just what to do Then The Bitch thought of something she hadn’t before! “maybe Christmas, “ she thought, “ doesn’t come from a store” “Maybe Christmas…..perhaps means buttholes galore!” Penny Pax IS the Bitch who stole christmas. Penny has had enough of christmas cheer. She stalks her ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend and wants to take the cheer right out of her. She abducts Savanna Fox and stuffs her full of xmas ornaments which Savanna has to push out of her asshole in order to get them out. Then Penny stuffs her fist into Savanna’s ass then fucks her asshole while snowman cum drips from Savannah’s gaping hole
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Goddess Michelle has her slave mummified and in his chastity. He can’t move an inch or even beg for mercy with his mouth stretched open wide. Michelle has deliciously devious plans with a vibrator she is pulling out. Kylie Rogue admires the fan of pins clamping down on the slaves filth sacks and is excited to watch Michelle tease this bitch through chastity until he spills. Smoking and ashing all over his dicklet, The vibration quickly forces the slutstick to swell up and with total control of each sensation, Michelle forces the slave to coat the inside of his chastity with his filth spurting out. But look at that sluthole stretched wide! let’s fill it with some of this protein we can scoop up mixed with the ash from Michelle’s cigarette.
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