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Subby Hubby: Penny Gets Worshiped with Chindo/Cuckold Cowboy For Goddess Penny (Pt 2)

Goddess Penny Nichols just finished using her new cowboy cuckold to worship her ass after one last smothering and wiggle she starts to rub her pussy moaning and telling him how wet she is, Then she straps this cowboy up with a chindo and rides his face hard and fast reaching multiple orgasms and using him as her play slut, Making him completely serve her and do whatever she says, Ride em Cowboy Yee-haaaaa.
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Club Dom: Alexis Fawx Milking/Alexis Fawx Drains Your Balls

Goddess Alexis Fawx just loves destroying men, She has come back to ClubDom with only one thing in mind, Her first victim slave 227 can’t keep his hands off his slut stick, So has been locked into chastity and gets his balls drained every 48 days, Today Goddess Alexis Edges the bitch right to the point of cuming then just laughs and twists his balls until he screams, Then she works that slut stick back up and milks his filthy cock right to the edge again then lets go and spits on him telling him this time he has exactly ten seconds to spill his filth, She counts him down 10,9,8,6, The slut shoots his load into her hand and she tells him that this is a pathetic excuse for a load then feeds the slut his own protein.
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Miami Mean Girls: Who's Ass Is Deadliest

This slave gets me n Goddess Harley’s big asses In his face in this fluffy king size bed. If you want to see how he does without air you should watch this video. This may be the price you pay for “going to bed” with a couple of Mean Girls! haha! We decide to see who’s ass and who’s outfit can restrict its airflow the best…any guesses on who wins?? Oh and at the end the “winner” sits on its passd-out face one last time and forces out a little puff of “air” out of her butt into the slave’s face just to disrespect it a little more! LOL

But you will need to watch the clip to see which Goddess has the deddliest ass…! 😉
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Humiliation POV Princess Ellie: All You Have To Look Forward To Is Jerking Off

Princess Ellie

You have a small cock, a tiny, itty bitty, little dick, with no holes to stick it in. You’re a sexless loser. And all you have in your life to look forward to, is jerking off. Your insignificant little penis is all you have. Just a life of pumping your first on that little pecker. I pity you so I’m going to help you out a little bit.

I’ve never had a little cock in my hands until now. And now that I do, not that I really see what it must be like, I feel sad for you. No wonder you don’t have sex, no one would ever fuck this. Wow, it’s really hard to stroke this thing. I can barely give this thing a hand job. My hand keeps slipping off. How pathetic. What do you do with something so small? You can’t fuck your fist, you can’t even jerk it really. You must you two fingers, for sure. Hmmm the more I play with this it seems I’m finding some ways to jerk it. Watch closely as I show you, I think I’ve got some ways to jerk it you might not have discovered yet. But knowing how much you jerk off, maybe you have.

Why don’t you take your two fingers and jerkoff with me. Jerk it as I instruct you, jerk it as I humiliate your small penis. Beat it and know that you will never, ever pleasure a woman. You won’t, ever. The best thing you can do for a girl is to not talk to her. And if you do, you should pay her. You owe any girl who will talk to you. She doesn’t want your dick, she doesn’t want you to waste her time. That’s why the only girls you can get to talk to you are girls you pay. Because no girl wants your little cock.

So jerk your cock off little loser. It’s all you have. And I want you to cum in 3… 2…, nope. I’m not gonna let you cum. Why should you have any kind of pleasure? You shouldn’t. Your dick is just too small, too unworthy of anything except being locked up. And that’s where you belong, locked away in chastity.
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ULTIMATE SURRENDER: Sep 29, 2015 - Performers: Darling , Penny Barber , Syd Blakovich , Holly Heart , Juliette March , Cheyenne Jewel , Izamar Gutierrez , Yasmine Loven , Daisy Ducati , Mia Li , Mona Wales , Angel Allwood  and Lisa Tiffian

These Team Captains have been going at it all season long. It’s been a back and forth battle all season. Just when one team gets ahead in points, the other team cums from behind and closes the gap. Today the Grapplers come in with less than a 300 point lead. Tarrasque has some strong players on their team tonight and they are hoping to get the victory and give Darling the gang bang she deserves.

Round 1 is mona wale and Mia Li for Team Tarrasque taking on Daisy Ducati and Julietter March for Team Grapppler

Round 2 is Lisa Tiffian and Yasmine Loven for Team Tarrasque taking on Holly Heart and Angel Allwood for Team Grappler

Round 3 is Penny Barber and Cheyenne Jewel for Team Tarrasque and Darling and Izamar for Team Grappler

Round 4 is a brutal gang bang of the losing team. Fucked Hard, Turned into human dildos to be used to make the winner cum. Mutiny for the losing Captain as her team turns on her and gang bangs her. Hard fisting from her team!
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EVERYTHING BUTT: Sep 29, 2015 - Isis Love  and Proxy Paige

Proxy Paige and Isis Love are Back on Everything Butt with beautiful chemistry that leads to wonderful Anal magic. Isis Love is Training Proxy to stretch her ass to it’s limits so she can be the leading Message Carrier in the spy ring. Proxy’s asshole shows not limits as Isis literally shoves a message in a bottle up her ass. Proxy is nearly double fisted and takes an enormous Clear Toy. All toys make Proxy gape wide and deep. Hard Core Anal at it’s finest with two gorgeous lesbians.
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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Sep 28, 2015 | London River | Maestro | Jack Hammer

Part two of London River’s live BaRS show continues as we take our already toasted toy and build a custom made wooden bondage piece around her toned flesh. That perfectly shaved snatch is placed on a sybian and a post goes up her back before trapping her face in place. Part wood, part skin, all skin. She can not shift her head away, only take every inch of dick we chose to dish out. This is throatboarding at its finest.

London has a weakness. Her pussy is on a hair trigger and orgasms make her lose her mind completely. The strict tight bondage we have to keep her in is because her superhuman orgasm power makes her destroy things as she cums. The sybian that we have her hair trigger pussy on is the world’s most powerful vibrator, and deepthroating dick while on it is no easy feat. We don’t care.

The one two three combination of bondage, deepthroat and orgasms cause London to lose it completely. It is a good thing she is as secured as she is, or her hulked out orgasm super power would be destroying everything around her. As it is, all she can do is cum and suck, suck and cum. Like the well trained pet she is, London drools all over the dick. She knows her place.

There are still more positions to go, the only question is if London can last the length of the show. Her vacant blue eyes stare off into the distance as she twitches in her restraints. This is what sexually broken looks like. Stay tuned and see if this fuckpuppet can go the distance…
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