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American Mean Girls: Ground Floor Opportunity

What if I just wallet-raaped you right now? haha. Sounds dangerous huh? Sounds like FUN to ME, actually! Well whether you are into that or just want to send me a gift, Here is my info. I am the new “Mean Girl” here at Mean Girl Manor so if you want me to remember your name you should take advantage of this opportunity to spoil me now before I get so many slaves that you get lost among my minions. 😉 I know it might be hard to type with one hand but I am giving you detailed instructions on how to send me amazon gifts and order custom videos in this clip…

Or you can just gaze at my beauty and fantasize, I guess…but do NOT contact me and expect a response unless there is an amazon GC attached to your email! 😉

-Princess Carmela
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Brat Princess 2: Amadahy and Kendall - Bubble Butts Smother nameless (720 HD)

Amadahy and Kendall have amazing bubble butts. Ass addicts will love this clip as they bounce and grind their asses all over a helpless males face. The girls are really good at sharing its face and trade off and on. Both girls are amazing. Danni is left breathless.
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Guys Get Fucked: The Boss Punishes

Clarance, a teacher’s aid, was secretly dating a student by the name of Alisa. When the relationship fell apart, Alisa was devastated and wanted to figure out a way to make Clarance feel just as used. Alisa’s friend Rita and her devised a plan. They went to Clarance and told him that if he didn’t agree to get fucked hard by the both of them with a strapon, then they would report him to the Principal and the authorities. Clarance considered the options and answered by pulling down his pants and bending over!
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Miami Mean Girls: Slave Lunch
Miami Mean Girls: Slave Lunch
Miami Mean Girls: Slave Lunch

Awww…look, you brought some lunch! Sure, I will let you have lunch when you come to work for me, but let me show you how I will serve it! Watch me as you sit there on your knees- I am going to chew this food and spit it into the dirt where YOU will lick it up. I realize you might even actually like this (the fact that it is mixed with MY Goddess saliva!) so I am going to grind in a little something extra- DIRT! Then you will spend the rest of your lunch break getting food spit directly into your face and having my boots ground into your face. I know you love licking boots but I will sometimes be grinding my boots into your face extra HARD to make sure you don’t!
-Goddess Raven Bay
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REAL TIME BONDAGE: Jul 25, 2015: Crybaby Part 2 | Mercy West | Abigail Dupree

Let’s get to it. We’re starting the total destruction of Mercy West. This pretty, young thing is hot as hell and thinks she is ready for the kind of intense corporal punishment that comes along with a Real Time Bondage Live Feed. She can barely handle the bondage we put her in.

Mercy talks a good game. When we pull her arms behind her so far that her elbows are touching she says she could hold the position forever. That’s fine. If she thinks that breaking her will be a challenge then she is sorely mistaken. We’ve got more than enough mastery to take Mercy further than she has ever gone before. It isn’t long before we’ve got her in tears.

She’s a trooper, though. While she’s crying her eyes out she never asks us to stop. In fact, she is proud of the fact that she has never used a safe word. This may not be the best crowd to brag in front of. If she’s not careful then they may take it as a challenge. If she is lucky they are just going to put her through the most intense BDSM experience of her life and she will manage to get through it with just a few tears, a few bruises, and some new, extremely sexy, memories.
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INFERNAL RESTRAINTS: Jul 24, 2015: Pay the Price | Olivia Fawn

Olivia Fawn is about to learn that there is a cost for rampant flirtation. She can’t just go through her life trying to make men want her for the attention. She needs to know that some men, strong men, are willing to do something about it.

Payment will come in the form of pain, suffering, bondage and humiliation. OT is going to be the administrator of her account. Shackled to a wooden frame, Olivia is exposed and helpless. She can’t cover herself against his blows or close her legs to his probing hands. He puts her onto her back with a metal post holding her legs up and proceeds to mercilessly paddle her ass and pussy.

She is transformed by this experience. When it began she was prudish and coy. She pretended to be interested in men for the attention but she was never going to give them anything more than it took to keep them interested. But after the treatment from OT she is begging to cum and desperate for cock. Now it is time for her to see how it feels to be used by the opposite sex and left unfulfilled.

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SEXUALLY BROKEN: Jul 24, 2015 | Rain DeGrey | Wenona | Matt Williams | Jack Hammer

When you get two experienced bondage sluts like Wenona and Rain DeGrey, you are guaranteed to have a memorable time. These two like it as hard and rough as we can possibly dish it out and today we are upping the ante. You have to pull out all the stops to get their attention. Stops? Pulled.

Wenona is blindfolded, gagged, bent over and bound to a wooden frame. a position that perfectly displays her toned ass. The gag and blindfold reduce her down to a pussy for the use, just a warm hole and nothing more. To spice it up a bit, we hang Rain DeGrey upside down off the ceiling with a vibrator and dildo combination stuffed deeply inside her shaved pussy. Rain and Wenona’s heads are lined up side by side, one just a mouth and one just a pussy. A fine collection of holes indeed.

Back and forth the hard dicks tag team on both sides of our tied up sluts. Mouth, pussy and back again as we so desire. Rain chokes down the 10 inch BBC as her inverted head reddens with the strain. Delightful gurgles leak past Wenona’s gagged mouth as the cocks slam home. She can not see a thing, her world is just pure sexual sensation and tight bondage.

Our bound fuckpuppets take every inch of the dick balls deep. This is their happy place, what they were made to do. We leave them dazed and gasping in their ropes, drool and their own juices flowing from their worked over holes. It is the proper treatment for bondage sluts like these two…
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