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HOGTIED: May 28, 2015 - The Pope  and Skin Diamond

We begin with Skin sitting in our chair with her amazing ass on display. Her head is trapped in a leather head harness that will get pulled back to an anal hook, but that comes later. First she is tormented with a heavy flogging and her nipples are clamped and weighted down.

Next we fulfill one of her long time fantasies, which is to be mummified. She is helpless as she lies on the floor, with only her mouth left unwrapped. She is toyed with, her pussy violated and her breath held in her captor’s hand. Her feet are caned and then she is pulled into a hogtie and left on the floor struggling.

Skin has an amazing body, so we put her in a single leg inverted suspension. She hangs helplessly and anxiously waiting for the next round of pain. her nipples are abused and she is flogged more, bringing her closer to her breaking point. She earns another orgasm, and then there are more that are not really what her sensitive pussy wanted at all.

We fold her in half in a pile driver position and start to fuck her slutty pussy. That isn’t enough, so we fuck her face and then takes turns going between the two willing holes. Her soles are tormented and then she is made to cum more.
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HARDTIED: May 27, 2015: Creepshow Peepshow | Jessica Creepshow | Jack Hammer

A girl doesn’t get this many piercings without being into a little bit of pain. A girl doesn’t get them where Jessica Creepshow has them without being into a lot of pain. She’s dominant in her every day life and Jessica gets so tired of taking charge of every situation. What she needs is a man who can wrestle control away from her, put her in her place, and take what he wants from her while she is helpless and in his power.

Enter Jack Hammer. Jack and Jessica have known each other for a bit, but she has never had the pleasure of being his sexual slave. Today that finally changes, and she is excited as hell for it. What she knows is that Jack is one of the best in the business when it comes to rope bondage and corporal punishment. There is no way her expectations could be too high.

Sure enough, he steps on scene and Jessica is ready to serve. His presence, his touch, his voice, all command respect and obedience. When he begins to hurt her she can’t even beg him to stop. All her mouth will let come out is a pleading, “Thank you, sir. May I please have another?”

HARDTIED: May 27, 2015: Creepshow Peepshow | Jessica Creepshow | Jack Hammer
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cfnmtv: The Tennis Champ’s Balls (Part 1-4)

A few minutes ago Marcus was on a high – having thrashed his opponent at the Surreyfield Tennis Championships. But that seems like a long time ago after the arrival of his PR agent Kimberly and then Melody Eustace. Now he would give anything to go back to the time when he was fully clothed and in control of his own destiny.
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