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cfnmtv: The Posse (Part 1-3)

The normally quiet first class security area echoes with the screams of agony from T-Bone and his posse. None of them have ever experienced the kind of pain being administered by the female security guards. And the women won’t let them leave until they’re satisfied they aren’t concealing anything they shouldn’t.
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Mandy Flores: Hungry and Horny Young Giantess

Im in the kitchen unaware of the tiny visitors that are peeking on me. Silly little men get caught in my sandwich making and some get eaten on accident. Then I sit on a bunch and feel something weird under me and then I see them. Wow, you are so little! Pop them into my mouth without a care and crunch on their little bodies and get bones stuck in my teeth. I don’t like that and decide then next time Im going to just swallow them alive. I don’t care about them begging me for their lives, I just care about terrorizing them, eating them and using them for my pleasure. Im bored and want to playgiantess hide and seek. Wow horrible it must be to be swallowed alive….but as a giant Im not bothered about what tiny people do or don’t want. I love how they try to get free, squirming, andscreaming trying not to go down but Im big they can’t stop themselves going down alive. Biting bottom lip, licking teeth sexy groans and now getting very horny. I trick one into telling me where the others are, his life will be spared. What a fool, he gets eaten alive right after he tells me there are more in the living room. Off to hunt and play. As I find more Im getting closer to orgasm andnow putting people in my pussy to get me off. Im so close and then I notice a little person watching me and its my brother! Oh, little brother!! Im a little embarrassed and start to cover up and try to explain myself. Then I pick him up and amazed how small he is. Im begging him not to tell on me and ask if he would help me cum since Im so close. Don’t worry, I’ll look after you, I’ll fish you out in time to breathe. This is so bad and naughty that Im going to use my brother to cum! As Im getting close to orgasm I try to get him out but my fingers keep pushing him deeper and deeper and I start to cum during the panic fingering. Im upset but satisfied and I lift him out barely alive. I tell my brother how sorry I am and that I could hear him screaming and trying to get out. It was the best orgasm I have ever had but sadly I have to eat him so I wont get caught….
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London Lix

You poor helpless drone, staring endlessly at my tits. I know they drive you crazy. You’re a tit addict. You’re just a mindless, jerking drone, for nice big tits. You’re so easy to manipulate. I don’t need to get inside your head, all I have to do is flaunt my perfect breasts and you just melt. Has your mind started to turn to mush just looking at my shiny tits? You love seeing my nipples poking out through my top.

Can you even formulate any thoughts at all as you stare and jerk for my tits? This is as close as you’ll get to them. Fuck you loser. You’re my tit addicted zombie, just a dirty loser perv. Allow yourself to become weak for me because this is as good as it gets for a loser like you. You’re completely addicted. You love each and every inch of these tits. You love my cleavage, don’t you?

You just can’t stop pumping that loser cock to my tits. I know. I know how weak and stupid you get. I’m just perfect, aren’t I? Beg for tits you little tit drone. Show me how addicted you are. Worship my tits loser, kiss your screen. Show me how much you’ll degrade yourself for my boobs. You want to spend on your money on cute little tops for my tits, don’t you?

Keep jerking to the thought of being tit wanked by me. Worship my tits loser. You’ll never touch them, the only thing you’ll ever be able to do is pay for them. I’m spoiling You with them. You should be spoiling them, loser. You know you have to pay for perfection. You’re just mesmerized by now, aren’t you? A lost tit zombie. You couldn’t look away even if you wanted to. You just help but stroke and stare. It’s a compulsive feeling. Go on, spill your loser mess for them.
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Brat Princess 2: Daniela - Face Sits her Step Son for Black Widow Practice (720 HD)

Danni is a slave to his step mom Mistress Daniela. She is now going to train him to uses his face for pleasure for her and her friends. She gets out some handcuffs and locks Danni’s hands under the smother bench. It is impossible to fight off his step mother now. She can sit full weight without him being able to do anything about it. This is how she will do him in once the money is gone. She is making him learn to trust that when the handcuffs go on and the ladies come over it is just “Mommy wants to use me”! Then when the time comes there will be no panic from Danni. He will think it just for Her or Isabella. But then it will be too late. She will sit full weight and make a seal and Danni will be gone just like his Dad. His dad thought she just wanted to orgasm but she smothered him and got his money. Daniela fans will love this clip! Full weight smother and face sitting!
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American Mean Girls: Pantyhose Mortification

I found your internet history, hubby. Don’t you like how I am surprising you after a long day at work? With a huge assortment panty hose and stockings all laid out on the sofa…? But I didn’t want to just talk to you about your freaky fetish, I wanted to really GET YOU GOOD! Haha! So I went to your office last week and had all the ladies there donate a pair of their used stockings and pantyhose. Yup… ALL THE WOMEN IN YOUR OFFICE KNOW NOW!!! Awww…are you completely mortified or what!? Haha.

They thought it was hilarious and wanted me to send them a video of you with their pantyhose in your mouth! This one pair is from Gladys- open wiiide honey, haha. Maybe you should roll around in all these with some encasing you on your arms and wearing some on your legs. You should wear one as a hat!

Now I want you to jerk off to a cum countdown as you stroke yourself with these pantyhose. I want you to cum aaaall over them. And then I will tell you the BEST part… You are going to be wearing these pantyhose under your clothes to work everyday! And yes, all the ladies at work will KNOW you are wearing cum-soaked pantyhose all day, everyday!

Goddess Raven
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