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He is in the "lucky" situation that that two attractive ladies kick him in his nuts! One is kicking while the other is watching and enjoying his pain. They abuse his already swollen ball sack in the most terrible way, by grabbing, squeezing and beating, that the balls are bouncing in the sack like crazy… each of them grabs one nut to pull it ruthless… Then he get finished off by more brutal kicks in his swollen and aching balls!
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Princess Mika

Hey foot bitch, there’s nothing you love more then jerking off to my perfect, sexy, size ten feet. I know you’re already hard for my feet. Start stroking. You deserve to be beneath my feet, you’d do anything to be there, to be beneath my long, long legs. I want you to jerk it really hard and really fast in anticipation of seeing my feet. I want you to prove how much you love my feet with your hand wrapped around your pathetic cock, you fucking freak.
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It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. All the blood, sweat and tears and intense physical challenges have led up to the final – where the winner will be announced by the imperious women. Obinna and Tony have already completed the final test – the cum-shooting challenge, now it’s the turn of the rest of the men. Under the hot lights, surrounded by women and scrutinised by the cameras they are under incredible pressure to perform. There’s a lot at stake in CFNM Wars.
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Description: Gorgeous blonde submissive @ArielAnderssen has been claimed by Mistress @PennyLee92, but after a few broadcasts it becomes clear that their styles do not mesh. Ariel talks a lot, and Penny responds to the bait, engaging her in conversation even whilst Ariel is gagged. Although entertaining for a while, this topping-from-the-bottom is starting to wear thin. Rating are dipping….

Enter the Temptress! @Temptress_Kate. Known for her calm, no-nonsense approach, Kate is one of the top ranking dommes at the moment. Can she break in through Penny’s security, overpower her rival, and claim the hot new slavegirl for her own stable? And can she tame Ariel’s wayward tongue?
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After almost a year, Leigh Raven is back, bald, and better than ever. She is restrained in metal bondage, unable to move her body off the floor. The Pope emerges from the shadows and begins. He starts with a flogger, targeting Leigh’s breasts and cunt.
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Don’t miss in this new trample movie, the strong queen Sara Rosa stomping a slave wearing sneakers. Sara got home after make some exercises, her sneakers are real dirty and she wants clean them. The queen forced her slave to clean the sneakers’ soles but the girl is not doing a great job so, Sara decided to clean the sneakers over the slave’s body, making a trample with the dirty soles.
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