All thoughts of his job at the hotel have left James as he begins feeling comfortable being naked with the ladies. He’s now happy to let them think he’s a stripper as he thinks he’s on for a fuck and can’t wait to have his wicked way with them. However there are three powerful women in the room who may have other ideas.
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This has been one parents’ evening that Christopher Abbot would rather forget. His teachers were concerned that he was unable to control his erections in class and was bothering the female students. But during an examination of his penis and testicles by his form tutor, his PE teacher and his classmate Lucy, the young lad wasn’t able to contain himself. Having shamed himself by spilling his semen all over the place he’s now in even more trouble.
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Goddess Sahrye

So I hear that I’m the bondage queen of your dreams. That’s right, in case you didn’t know, I’ve done many bondage scenes. With real men of course. But you don’t want to see me in bondage, you want to be just like me, don’t you? You want to be a bondage princess. So I’m going to teach you all of the self bondage techniques that I know. Do you have all of the items you need to be a damsel in distress? LOL! Do you have your high heels and your pantyhose? Do you have your gags? All the fundamentals of a bondage girl. Because you know boys don’t get tied up in bondage, only girls. And that’s what you are, isn’t that right?

So in order to play the role, you have to look the part. Rule number one of a bondage queen is that her heels never ever come off. So I’m going to teach you how to lock your heels on. Good girl. Next I’m going to teach you how to tie up your legs, we have to make sure you can’t run away. Doesn’t that feel good? You love the sensation of being bound. You’re a pretty girl with your legs all taped up. But you’re not a real damsel if your hands are free. So I’m going to show you how to put your handcuffs on and make sure your arms are secured tightly behind your back.

Doesn’t it feel good to be my little bondage princess. Now that your hands are behind your back and your legs are nice and secure and your heels aren’t going anywhere in your tight little mini skirt with those pink panties peeking through, I want to see you struggle.

You know what comes next don’t you? Take those cuffed hands behind your back (I’ll show you how), grab a pair of panties and shove them in your mouth. Gag yourself sissy. Good girl. Now I don’t want you to spit that out so we’re going to make sure it’s nice and secure with a ball gag. How do those panties taste? Well aren’t you the perfect damsel princess? Look at you, you’re a faggot little sissy loser who’s trying to impress me by being in bondage for me, the internet’s most popular bondage queen. You must feel so pathetic. You’re my bitch. I’m going to leave you here just like this, gagged and bound. Struggling and drooling in your high heels and your pantyhose and your sissy girl clothes. I’ll bet you’d love it if I took pictures and posted it all over my social media accounts.
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Lottery winner Steve Curtis is desperate to get his son into the CFNM Academy. So much so that he readily agrees to assist in the teacher’s lesson. After all, how difficult can it be? But this is a male anatomy lesson and the hapless man quickly finds himself stripped of all his clothes and stark naked. Surrounded by giggling and inquisitive schoolgirls and the domineering teacher, every inch of his body is thoroughly scrutinised and played with. The poor fool has no choice but to grin and bear it as his treatment gets ever more humiliating.
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Today I’m a guest in Madame Caramel’s Hoxton Dungeon Suite, and the complementary gift Her dominant Lady friends get is a slave for whipping (or any other activity the Lady desires). And when somebody brings you a gift, it’s nice to open it and share it with the person who brought it. So I will share this whipping slave with Madame Caramel, he will feel both Our whips on his back. After strapping him to the St. Andrew’s cross, We proceed directly to whipping, without any warm-up, painting nice red lines on his British pale skin. Our snake whips bite hard into his back, and even a whip slut like this one can only take the full extent of Our fun with difficulties. And after We make his back of a proper color for a whipping slave, We allow him to thank Us properly for the honor of being whipped by Us: by kissing Our feet and Our whips. Thank you Madame Caramel for this pleasant gift!
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You have a weakness for latex, don’t you? You like to see beautiful, voluptuous Women, like Me, dressed in shiny latex. Does seeing Me in latex arouse you, are you hard right now? Of course you are! In order to prove Me how much you like seeing Me in latex, you have to cum for Me twice today. Just look at My curvy body in this tight latex and follow My instructions…
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Greetings everybody, this is celestial team and today we want to intereduce you new scat amateur which have joined our shitty family. Meet Gomorrah, Like the last video – this is her first experience of scat and vomit masturbation ever. But she did catch the wave, her appearance and action is very horny and full of lust when she smears with her vomit and shit all over her body.
So, enjoy this new video and may the shit be with you.
Celestial Team.
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Our newest scat top model movie is out right now. We just found this wondeful babe Demi Lilith, and she agree to play in our scat movie. Extreme beautiful girl with perfect feets, ass, everything is just perfect on her. Even her scats smells brilliant and taste just perfect. Bianca is the lucky girl who had the chance to eat her perfect shit and drink her perfect pee.
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See things from Ariel’s point of view! She tells us a lot about her fascination with bondage as she chains herself up to await Hywel’s return. This was a great custom video idea from one of our members. He likes the occasional series we have done of Ariel interviewing other models as they get tied up, so he suggested Ariel did it to herself and film it both on a normal camera and on a "point of view" camera. For Hywel it was an interesting technical challenge. For Ariel it was an opportunity to talk… and she DOES love to talk!

Hywel’s Note: Ariel is responsible for the title of this video. I left her to edit it and that’s what she chose 😉
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Anna Rose gets tied up in the hope that she can learn a few tricks of the trade. Lydia pointed out that she didn’t think Anna stood well with her posture, so Lydia figured that she make her learn the proper way to stand at attention. BUT, since Kali Kane is here, I think Lydia wants to let Kali do all the training… Let’s see how they do with eachother!
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